[All projects listed are for audiences 18 and older.]

I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi [2020]

Not-So Silent Night [2021]

Demons Rise Up! [2022]

Bottom Slut Panda [2022]

Wake Up Call [2022]

Stuffed Panda Boi [2022]

Frotting Femboy Fun [2022]

Asserting Dominance❤ [2022]

Night Guard Shift [2022]

From Cats and Pandas [2022]

Friendship is Slutty: Fluttershy [2022]

Paw Fetish Ecstacy [2022]

Beachside Desires [2022]

A Messy Day [2022]

PandaCam [TBD]

Bounded By Lust [TBD]

Sweet Treats [TBD]

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Hi there all you lovely people ~<3 My name is berry! I'm a NSFW content creator and femboy panda who loves to create fun and sexy stories across a broad range of genres and styles (sometimes starring my cutie fursona)! My studio is called The Berry Guild and serves as the hub for all games and projects published and/or developed by me. Here you'll find all of my store pages, social media links, and updates on projects I'm developing.All store links are located at the bottom of the page!Thanks so much for checking out the page! I hope you enjoy your visit. My email is [email protected] if you ever need to contact me for questions, inquiries, or anything business-related. You can also hit me up on Discord at "b e r r y#5464".-xoxo😘

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"A Messy Day" [FemScat.com Exclusive Collab with CassieScat]

NOTICE: Extremely fetish-heavy audio story involving bodily fluids/waste. Please listen at your own discretion.

"Beachside Desires"🏖🥵

"Paw Fetish Ecstasy" [Gay Furry Feet Fetish Hentai]

"Friendship is Slutty: Fluttershy" [My Little Pony SFM R34 Animation]

"From Cats and Pandas" [Gay Erotic Furry Audio]

"Night Guard on Duty" [FNAF: Night Guard R34]

"Asserting Dominance❤"

"Femboy Frotting Fun"

"Wake Up Call"

An upcoming queer furry camshow simulator!💖🐾📸🌈
The Berry Guild x Shady Corner

- Story: berry
- Art/Animation/Programming/GUI/Logo : NihiloChannel

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"Not-So Silent Night"

🐼𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒞𝑜𝓂𝓂𝒾𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑜𝓃𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒴𝒞𝐻𝓈!🖤🤍

🤍Artists: Novaberry, Cum Queen, Bdsomik, Chaunter, Dudolf, Cowboyyhours, FruityLuna, VitaminZero, Staryzzard, Hakkids2, CupidDissolvi, Yukiin, Isoefam, AliceFrainer, CafeComPonies, Munster, Undermouse, NihiloChannel, bymyside, Candy Wife, SeedySedona, RottingRootsArts, Envoiu, KamikazeLenna, RatCult13, SpicyGalaxy, NotNBars, CrayonsNThings, Lafcream, JayTrap, Yantaro4ka, TheNumber6, HaroTheSharko, TheBiSKvit, RawBootyMeat, minuwa, Arch3y, Kabash, Goosia, Scitzophren, MiraOff, PinkKutal23, Emi_05NSFW, Luka Makai, Taci, Tear Monster, NeonWay, MilkyNSFW, Sketch0w0, PurrMaggio, Ashley Bunny, Dendelion, CarioSteele, CatBoyz, Hiraeth.Vixen, Babemagnet, Nightly_Thunder, DefiniteWaffle, Ghost (Discord FanArt), Nami955, Rev Hearts, Harald Horfager, Keshary, MeSleepu, SpoogieHowl, Smirky, Chowdie

"Demons Rise Up!" - Full Game OUT NOW!
[Gumroad, Cerius, Newgrounds, Itch, SexyFuckGames, Fakku, Nutaku, & Steam]

😈Art by Nami955

- Story & Programming- berry
- Art & Animation - FruityMoon
- GUI & Logo - m.
- Casting Director - Yara Naika
- Cast:
Suzy - Amelia VA
Chouko - ZeroDiamonds
Lina - TemptyVA
Kayla - Akuji Saito
Noriko - BakuSatsuHo
Pizza Guy - Cat Angas
- SFX - SoundBible, Oolay-Tiger's 18+ SFX
- Music -
Tobu - Let's Go
Wow Sound - Couch Potato, Dancing Cats, One Sided Love, Thickheaded, Merry Go Round


  • Futanari (Futa x Futa / Futa x Female)

  • Tomboy

  • Harem

  • Vibrator

  • Succubus

  • Masturbation

  • Anal

  • Paizuri

  • Facials

  • Oral Sex

  • Teasing

  • Piercings

  • Ahegao

  • Orgies

  • Body Worship

  • Defloration

  • Creampies

  • Gyaru

  • Snuggling

  • Handholding

  • Tattoos

  • Foot Worship

  • Bondage

  • Double Penetration

  • Frotting

  • Strap-On

  • Shimapan

  • Hair Pulling

  • Cum Swapping

  • Mutual Masturbation

  • Boob Smothering

  • Lactation

  • Heart Pupils

  • Womb Tattoos

  • Armpit Licking

  • Facesitting

  • Pantyjob

  • Pegging

Words: 6,881

Price: USD$9.99

Full Game Length: 1:30 - 2 hours

All characters depicted in this game are over 18 years of age.

I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi

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